2018 ANZAC Day march

The Chairman and Committee of the Bomber Command Commemorative Association (Vic) extend a very warm welcome to all veterans and family members to participate in the 2018 ANZAC Day march.

As we have in recent years our committee is coordinating the Bomber Command section which is due to set off around 11.30AM from the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral. We will be assembling there from 10.30AM. We will eventually formate on the eastern side of Flinders and Swanston St as the lead group for all RAAF squadrons.

We hope you and your family members can participate this year to remember your loved ones’ service to their country in Bomber Command, who distinguished themselves in so many remarkable ways.

It is your participation that helps ensure the importance of the role of all who served is not forgotten through the passage of time. It is our obligation as a committee to ensure this is always commemorated and not allowed to be forgotten.

No matter what your age please come along and proudly march in memory of the fallen.

As in the past we have secured the support of the Air League of Australia who will be providing Air Cadets to carry the historic Bomber Command banner. Please look for the banner on the steps of St. Paul’s as a rallying point when you arrive.

This year we will also have the support of the middle school of Carey Baptist Grammar and St. Leonards College who are our adopted schools under the Shrine of Remembrance education policy. We do this to ensure the legacy of all servicemen and women is carried forward to the next generation.

For anyone with mobility problems we can provide vehicles for your comfort. You can still participate but please let us know in advance if you require motor vehicle assistance. We will do everything possible to ensure you are able to participate.

The future success and legacy of Bomber Command servicemen and women rests on all of us to support and participate in good numbers.

If you have any questions regarding the participation of family members please direct them via email to this website (www.bombercommand.org.au) or to our Facebook page.

So come along, participate, meet like minded friends and proudly support the veterans and the fallen of Bomber Command.


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